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In the middle of our 50 Years for 50 days campaign for Earth day, a pandemic shook our lives. Since April 2020, everything changed, colleges stopped their activities, the unemployment rate rose, people got trapped in a maze of uncertainty. Therefore, a group of students from North Lake Campus and Brookhaven Campus of Dallas College using their knowledge in sustainability and resilience founded The Sustainable Age.

This project is led by students for students. It is focused on educating and raising awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This student-led journal provides an environment for undergraduate and graduate students from different universities across the world to develop academic research concerning different areas like Social Justice, Human Health and Well-being, Philosophy, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Climate Action, and Business. Writers can learn introductory level scholarly and peer-reviewed writing methods, supported by an editorial team of volunteer students, faculty, and staff. Every article published in the online journal is related to at least one SDG, is reviewed by at least one person of the editorial review team, and includes at least one cited reference using an academic citing format.

Meet The Sustainable Agers!

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