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The Sustainable Editorial Board

Green Typewriter

Becoming a writer can be one of the most amazing experiences you will have during your student career. Therefore, we want to ensure that your academic writing performance will last at the core of The Sustainable Age

Here are some guidelines for our recognized editorial board:

  • Sustainers from the roots: Every article must be related to at least one Sustainable Development Goal.

  • Writing Style Guidelines can be found in this link

  • Peer Review: Before uploading your work, you must submit it to at least an editorial member for revision and to the Writing Lab Center. In case of not submitting it to the Writing Lab Center, two editorial members must review your article before publishing.

  • Source Citing: It is required to have at least a source cited at the end of your article. We recommend using academic citations, like MLA, APA, ACS, etc.

  • Articles must be at least 500 words.

  • Signature is required at the beginning of each article.

  • Members must attend at least one Editorial Board Meeting and submit one article per semester.


Following these parameters will assure you a successful approach and an improvement in your writing skills.

Also, to ensure good performance in our journal, we have different committees where students can develop other academic and work skills. Each committee is composed of students and advisors.

  • Marketing Committee

  • Editorial Committee

  • Sponsorship Committee

  • Legal Committee


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Anna Bartholomew

Olivia Brookshire

Ferdinando Castro Gonzalez

Ramsey Cook

David Fitzgerald

Eve Gersh

Jacob Goodman

Madison Owens

Isra Qureshi

Grace Rigsbee

Oriana Silva

Hannah Spohn

Amina Yusuf


Dr. Maria Boccalandro

Dr. Brittany Foutz

Dr. Jairo Garcia

Geoff Manzi

Brandon Morton

Grant Sisk

Dr. Kendra Unruh

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