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A Time for Leaders

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Confucius wrote once that those who say they can and those who say they cannot usually are correct. As we move forward in a semester never seen before, it is normal to worry about our future, but fear and limitations usually are just illusions that we create ourselves. As the next generation of professionals who will oversee working for a better future, these circumstances are just another opportunity to grow as leaders. This year's uniqueness comes with chances for innovations where we can ensure a better place to live for those who come after us. So please, do not be afraid of taking the initiatives and decisions. Be bold and embrace the changes because it is the challenging days -those who move you to your very core- that will create a new version of yourself. It depends on you whether this new individual will be someone you are proud to be or not. Lastly, keep in mind that staying positive is not about being happy all the time but knowing that where you are right now is not who you are going to be. You are capable of greatness.


Khurana, Simran. “Gain Insight and Awareness With These 47 Confucius Quotes.” ThoughtCo, Dotdash, 13 July 2019,

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