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Ubuntu: A Lifestyle That Avoids Racism

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Nowadays, segregation is rising as quickly as COVID-19 cases, and hate between races is spread at the same speed that this virus travels through the air, so is there any vaccine for Racism? I can say yes, it is called “Ubuntu” which is a South African word that describes people who have social skills on some essential human virtues like compassion and humanity. The right use of these virtues is considered a philosophy that establishes its base on forgiveness. Ubuntu has inspired many leaders, especially in South Africa, to promote peaceful movements and political transitions. Nelson Mandela, a political leader of this country, was inspired by this philosophy. Despite his unfair incarceration that lasted 27 years, on the day of his inauguration as president, he invited two of his jailers to sit with him on the podium.

Racism is a world issue that affects everyone, and violence is not the best solution, but what would happen if we implement Ubuntu Philosophy? We may look forward instead of looking at the past, which feeds our racial wounds and allows boundaries between fellows. Also, we would be open to understand the differences between us and use them as advantages for working all together to build an inclusive community. We would be resilient and empathic with each other. There is beauty in diversity, do not be afraid of being mixed!


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